gargantuan white dragonSo I got a lot of great minis in my first collection buy (871 minis).  Big collections are pretty rare, so I was excited to see this one come up about a week after I started looking.I always have a great time going through collections, seeing what folks liked and didn’t, whether they have more of one set or another.  The centerpiece of the collection are the Gargantuan Black Dragon and the Gargantuan White Dragon.  My wife bought me the Black and Blue years ago and I kept them even when I sold my first collection, so it’s nice to have the white to go with them.

I’m considering saving the Gargantuan Black as a prize for a year-long warband building/battling contest…if folks are interested in something like that, please let me know and I’ll start doing some contests to see what kind of thing works best.

Not many chase rares, though there was an original Archfiends Drizzt, Drow Ranger and a Gelatinous Cube.  Plus a Lamia Harridan and Treachery Demon, which I think are Paizo designs.  I was pretty impressed the seller said there were 871 miniatures, and I ended up confirming exactly that. (Even though I had them in a billion different places around my warehouse)

For tracking, here are the stats:

Total Price:  $900

Total Minis:  871

Total Rares:  92 DDM 1.0/2.0 Rares

Paizo Rares:  8-10? (I’m not sure exactly what is or isn’t a rare from non-DDM lines yet)

Gargantuan:  2gargantuan white dragon card

Huge Rares:  3

Other Huges:  19

Other Minis:  (Promos, Starter Kit minis, other Paizo Minis):  175

Commons:  373

Uncommons:  247

Cost Per mini:  $1.04


Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Collection Purchase #1

2 thoughts on “Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Collection Purchase #1

  • January 27, 2015 at 2:12 pm

    Icingdeath (the Gargantuan White) sits looking down on me at my desk, it’s a great mini. I’ve seldom had a chance to use him, but if I do run my own campaign I’ll make him the centre piece, a monster that appears early and causes all kinds of trouble until the heroes can finally defeat him in later sessions.

    Good luck with your collecting.

  • April 27, 2018 at 8:47 am

    Hey there, is all of them sold?


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