Would someone please pick up some conditioner from the elves?

Deep Legionnaire:  Aye, it must be time for a grog now, isn’t it?

Drow Enforcer:  No grog for you, peck, get back to digging!

Deep Legionnaire:  I would, but this daggin’ dragon keeps lookin’ at me like ‘am dinner!

Booster 1 Points Rarity Booster 2 Points Rarity
Guardian Naga 47 R Large Shadow Dragon 48 R
Cerebrilith 65 U Greater Barghest 35 U
Greenspawn Zealot 33 U Trained Carrion Crawler 28 U
Drow Enforcer 16 U Earth Mephit 13 U
Gnoll Claw Fighter 24 C Guard Of Mithral Hall 19 C
Greyhawk City Miliia Sergeant 13 C Delver Sergeant 15 C
Carnage Demon 10 C Kobold Trapmaker 10 C
Deep Legionnaire 7 C Darkmantle 6 C

This Night Below sealed is probably the toughest to build so far.  It has some good creatures, the Large Shadow Dragon at 48 points is probably on par with the Blood Golem from Unhallowed, being a bit better in some circumstances and worse in others.  For example, if it’s an outdoor map, it may not get to use Shadow Jump.  It doesn’t have DR5, but it does have Conceal 6, which probably cancel each other out. The breath weapon is very good (25 damage and save -2) and could rout several creatures with one go.  However, it does have to make a morale save and even with a Commander 4 Naga it will fail 35% of the time.  Plus, it’s AC 16 won’t help much against any of the more powerful opposing creatures.  The Cerebrilith at 65 points is similar to the Nessian Warhound at 62…both solid creatures, but too many points to consider for a non-premier mini.  Plus, it’s prime ability Mind Thrust is DC 15 Negates, which seems too much of a risk against any decent target.

The Guardian Naga at 47 seems an average if not extraordinarily efficient Commander.  Like Cleric of Sune, her damage is underwhelming, though similarly she makes up for it with a good spell selection.  Cure Critical Wounds on the Shadow Dragon could keep him in the fight a bit longer.  Two Lightning Bolts will allow her to do some softening up, especially if the map is crowded like Keep of Fallen Kings.  And Battering Ram seems a perfect disengage spell, assuming there is any of her team left to kill the disengaged creature.  Her Death Burst is nice if she’s out of spells and needs to engage with her modest naga card

I’m hoping Greater Barghest is as good as he looks for 35 points.  Solid AC and HP, DR 5, a heal (Feed 10) and 2 magic attacks of 15 make him seem a pretty good bruiser.  Plus, Disguise Self should ensure he gets to position well before pouncing, and maybe even lock up a victory area quickly.  Gnoll Claw Fighter will see play only because he’s Fearless. His potential damage is high, though that will require a bunch of things to go right, as he probably only has 1-2 rounds to live in combat.  Then of course there is the usual pile of dudes, several which are viable.

I am not at all confident that the below is the best team due to the number of decent lower-cost creatures not being used.  Plus, I am not comfortable with 8 activations, however I can’t see leaving any of the top 3 creatures out, which would be necessary to really squeeze much more in.  If you see a better team in my packs, please drop me an email or put a note in the comments, as I’d be interested in seeing how others build this.

Team Points
Large Shadow Dragon 48
Guardian Naga* 47
Greater Bargest 35
Gnoll Claw Fighter 24
Drow Enforcer 16
Earth Mephit 13
Deep Legionnaire 7
Darkmantle 6

Who I left Out:  The Trained Carrion Crawler is likely the most obvious.  Paralysis is so good; however, at 40HP and very little actual damage, I’m not sure how often paralysis would ever come into play.

Sealed Warband 3: (Night Below Boosters x 2, 200 points)

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