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I’ve always said to folks that, even if it doesn’t feel like it to the millennials, the Internet is the greatest tool in the history of mankind.  The power it provides toDefault_1 anyone willing to delve deep is nearly limitless.  So I’ve been working on my Roll20 Pathfinder/D&D to Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures conversion, and I was wondering if I would be able to easily create DDM style cards for the characters.  Sure, we could’ve used any template, but I really like the original DDM cards with the red backgrounds.  So after a bit of poking, and just a few hours work, I’ve managed to create DDM cards.  The best part is the data is fed to the card from a spreadsheet, so I’ll be able to enter all the Adventure Path monsters into the spreadsheet, and then spit out card images to print and use.  (I’ll likely keep track of larger scale combats on my gaming table while also on Roll20)

They don’t look perfect, but I could’ve matched the fonts and colors more if I wanted to spend another few hours doing so.  For anyone interested, the program I used is called Card Maker Beta, and I found it over on Board Game Geek.

If I can find the individual alignment icons, I’ll update that section of the card with the appropriate icon.  If anyone uses Roll20 and is interested in just tracking the games progress (or potentially even playing it when its ready) you can join here.

Pleased With Myself: Successful DDM Card Counterfeit

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