I don’t expect anyone to still be reading at this point, and that’s OK, I know I’ve been away far too long.  I did however want to update folks who may come here now and again.   While I do have gaming ADHD, no I’ve not given up on minis, and I am still buying and selling them regularly, though pickings have been pretty slim for the last couple of months.  Booster case prices are now beyond my reach.  The good news is the interest in D&D minis is still very high, and their resale capacity is excellent.  Last year at this time, many sets of minis were going for 80% of what they are today. (Though some of that could be general economic improvement)

My main announcement is that I am working to hire an Indian programmer this month as a test.  I am going to hire him for 1 month to work on the Minis site I have mentioned a few times (Assuming all goes well it will be live at www.minisdb.com (I also bought miniaturesdb.com and minisdatabase.com, not sure which will be best for SEO yet).  If great progress is done in 30 days (the minimum length of hire) I’ll keep him employed until the site is done (2-3 months I’m guessing).  With luck, it will be the go to place for all things OE DDM.  Anyone who has any feature requests that they always thought a minis site should have, let me know and I’ll look at putting it in the specification documents I’m writing.

My core features will be a combination of Dracosaur search and the old Maxminis trading site (Collection tracker with have/want list with auto-matching of different folks lists), with the back-end of the site being a permanent copy of the Bifur OEDDM database in web-friendly format.  It will also include many of the features that make Bifur so amazing, including it’s great sorting capabilities as well as warband building.  I’ve talked to the folks who upkeep Bifur and they’ve given approval for me to basically design the site around the Bifur core.  I have a designer friend I hope to have help with the aesthetics as that will be the weak spot starting off.  (Basically, the guy I hire will either be a database guy to help build the site or a designer to make it look pretty…and getting it running is definitely more important at this stage)

I’m very excited that things have slowed down to where I can put some hours into making minisdb.com a reality.  Though it’s mainly only slow because I’m giving up video-gaming time to do it!  My family and I are about to move into the house in the country I mentioned back in August.  We’ve been rehabbing it for about 2 months now and I’m glad its almost done…it’ll be a little stressful but I told my wife I really wanted to be there for Christmas.  Just the thought of taking a peaceful walk on our own land with no one else around is thrilling.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a great Christmas, Hanukkah or random atheist celebration of their choice!=)

Christmastime Updates, HO HO HO

2 thoughts on “Christmastime Updates, HO HO HO

  • December 12, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    Great to know you’re still out there. I have a couple of gaming pals, we play once every two or three months, not quite often but at least OD DDM is still alive here.

  • December 30, 2015 at 4:04 am

    It’s awesome to read you!! As a fellow ddm entusiast my goal is also to collect every set from harbinger to lords of madness. My dream is, someday, gather a team of programers and designers and make a virtual ddm game for playing against some AI and keep the game alive (at least virtually). Greetings from South América don’t abandon us!


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