Please check out this link for my current have/want spreadsheet.  (This version is for Excel 2003 if the first link doesn’t work)  Please let me know if you have any problems with the link, it’s to my public Dropbox folder.

Current Haves to Trade (Assume there is no card unless the mini has a note next to it indicating otherwise):  Updated 3/19/15

Adventuring Wizard
Angel of Valor
Arcane Archer
Aspect of Bane x 2
Barbed Devil
Bearded Devil
Black Dragon D&DB10
Blood Golem of Hextor
Bralani Eladrin
Brass Dragon
Carrion Crawler
Champion of Yondalla
Chuul, Aberrations
Chuul, DDM 2
Crow Shaman
Dragon Samurai
Dragon Totem Hero
Dragonborn Fighter
Drizz’t, Drow Ranger
Drow Arachnomancer x 2
Drow Cleric of Lolth x 2
Dwarf Samurai
Dwarven Defender x2
Elminster x 2
Erinyes x 2
Ettin Skirmisher x 2
Eye of Gruumsh
Fire Giant x 2
Frenzied Berserker
Githyanki Renegade
Gold Champion
Green Dragon
Greenfang Druid
Half Elf Bow Initiate
Half Fiend Ogre
Hezrou x 2
Human Cleric of Bane
Hunched Giant x2
Justicator x 2
Khumat x 2
King Obould Many-Arrows x 2
Large Fang Dragon
Meepo, Dragonlord
Mina, Dark Cleric
Mind Flayer x 2
Mid Flayer Telepath
Minotaur Warrior
Nightmare on Blackguard
Ogre Zombiex2
Orc Wardrummer
Pentifex Monolith x 2
Ravenous Vampire x 3
Red Wizard
Rikka, Angelic Avenger
Sand Giant
Salamander x 2
Shuluth, Archvillain
Skullcleave Warrior
Slayer of Domiel
Spectral Magelord
Spellscale Sorcerer x 2
Steel Predator
Thrall of Blackrazor
Thayan Knight x 2
Thri-Keen Barbarian
Valenar Commander x 2
Vampire Vizier
Vlaakith, the Witch Queen
Warbound Impaler
Warforged Hero x 2
Warforged Titan
Wemic Barbarian
Wraith x 2
Yuan-Ti Abomination
Zakya Rakshasa

Sets I need rares from, and the number of rares I have from the set (Not updated recently):

Harbinger:  20/24

Dragoneye:  20/24

Archfiends:  20/24

Giants of Legend:  20/28 (If I’m wrong in the number of rares in GoL please let me know!)

Aberrations: 24/24 (Complete)

Deathknell:  20/24

Angelfire:  20/24

Underdark:  24/24 (Complete)

War Drums:  24/24  (Complete)

War of the Dragon Queen:  15/24

Blood War:  15/24

Unhallowed:  15/24

Night Below:  15/24

Desert of Desolation:  10/24


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