cadaver collectorUpdated:  3/27/2015 – Finished my Underdark set, updated spend data.  Very close on most of the others!

Updated:  3/19/2015 – Trying to pick up the last few minis to complete the rest of the sets.  With hope I’ll finish at least half of the sets by the end of the month!

Updated:  3/2/15 – Picked up 2 huge lots this weekend, and 2 smaller ones.  Almost doubled the total number of minis I own, which will temporarily bump up my cost per mini…overall though, I’m well on track to spending $0 on minis, while still having 1500 or so in my collection.  My goal for the week is to update my records with the new minis, and to start actively trading to complete some more sets.  I think I only lack 5-6 minis each from Harbinger, Dragoneye and Underdark, so my goal will be to start with those.

Updated: 2/13/15 (Crossed a milestone today.  Our minis sold column is now more than half our total spend, meaning I’ve recouped a good deal of my investment.  The cost per mini has gone down from a high of around $1.50 per mini down to about $1.15 per mini.  Getting that number to 0 is my goal, and we’re getting there, especially considering I’ve only been doing this for just over a month).

On this page I will keep an updated tally of how far along I am on my main goal for DDM:  collect one of every figure from Harbinger to Deserts of Desolation.  Plus I’ll keep my running total on minis bought and sold.

% toward goal (approximately 940 figures):  95%

Total Spent Minis:  $12249

Total Spent Super Minis:  $72.32 (picked up a Snow Angel!)

Total Spent Accessories:  $494.61 (This includes maps, but is mainly card lots as many collections come without cards)

Total Sold:  $8713.34

Net:  $3415.53

Price Per Mini Bought:  $.92

Number of Minis Owned:  3700

Sets Complete:  3 (War Drums, Aberrations, Underdark)


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