Hey y’all.  Please note I added a Links page this week.  It will eventually contain links to every available point of interest in the Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures World.  Right now it links to the most important things.  As the Bifur Database (2nd link) is the best resource I can find for consolidated OE Material, I’m considering turning it into a full-blown webpage for ease-of-use purposes.  Right now it’s pretty easy to use, but it does require Microsoft Access.  I’m also considering commissioning a state-of-the-art Have/Want page, and combining Bifur with that.  Plus, I’d like to include current pricing info from one of the big web stores to enable easy trade valuing.  I know what I would love the web page to do, it’s a matter of writing it out so a 15-year old teenage programming prodigy in New Delhi understands it and makes it as cool as I envision it!

If anyone uses a have/want page at Maxminis or Hordelings or the like, and it’s possible to do a data download of your list, please send me a copy to tobias.truman@gmail.com.  That way I can make sure the new page allows an upload so you wouldn’t have to re-enter all your data.  As the old DDM links slowly go dark, I’d like to make sure there is something like this working for you for the next 20 years or so.

Edit:  Also updated my rares list on my trade page.

Friday Quickie, Links Page Update

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