Use me and I will lead your warband to victory!

Use me and I will lead your warband to victory!

Not sure what the minimum population of readership would need to be to get something like 4 participants for a contest, but I’m willing to try! Remember, that also means your odds are likely very good if you enter.

So, challenges need to be something a little different than ‘build a great warband’…plus, they need to use the miniatures I actually have (although my collection is growing fast!) as I will be playing with myselfSo here’s the 1st contest:

Using Commons and Uncommons Only From the Following 4 Sets (Aberrations, Angelfire, Deathknell, War Drums), build a standard 200pt warband.  Also let me know what map you would recommend your warband to use if it wins the roll (I have the first 3 Fantastic Locations on the way)  Drop me an email at and I will take it from there!:

I don’t have much in the way of prizes to offer yet, but I have some Epic Cards to give away.  So after playing all the warbands in a single elimination tourney (I will play the skirmishes around the first week of February), I will send a set of 6 Epic Cards to the winner!

Drizzt, Drow Ranger

Heirophant of the Seventh Wind

Stone Giant Runecarvercleric of st cuthbert card

Virtuous Charger

Werewolf Lord

Wizard of Turmish

I have an inkling of a much bigger contest in the near future that will take place over the course of the year if I get enough interest…and I think I’ve decided to offer up the best mini I’ve gotten so far as the price…my Gargantuan Black Dragon.  Stay tuned!

Warband Building Contest Anyone?

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