I’m easy like Sunday morning.

Howdy y’all!  Hard for me to do anything real specific on Sunday’s due to hanging with the awesome and beautiful Fam, but I can do some random updates.

Have/Want Update:  I now have a spreadsheet on my trade page of my haves/wants.  Currently it only has the rares, but I’ll get at least half the uncommons done next this week then the commons.  I’m at around 2000 commons/uncommons (though at least half of those are bottom tier) so its going to take a bit.  I’ve definitely got to get some eBay lots up as the numbers of miniatures are quickly getting unmanageable.  I’m going to start with all the non-DDM pieces, then move into lots of duplicate commons and uncommons.  I usually keep 4 copies or so of any common/uncommon minis so I have enough to trade, and they are easy enough to get back even if I trade them all.

Collecting Update:  Made a semi-decent bulk purchase this weekend…it was a lot smaller than the first, but had a much better rare set (264 total, 25 rares, $473.67, $1.79/mini), including a Silver Dragon, Erinyes, Elminster, Mordenkainen, Ice Devil and a Large Green Dragon (potentially my favorite sculpt in all of DDM).  I’ll do a full analysis once I receive it.  I also forgot to mention I picked up an Archmage this past week.  He is one of my favorite minis and it was $6 shipped, which I think is decent for him as a single.

Contest Update:  I’m very happy to already have two warbands submitted for our contest, thank you so much guys!  I need 2 more and we’ll get the matches underway, so tell your friends, or build them something and have them send it from their email!;)  Both of the submitters have great tools they created for sorting/searching minis.

This is Irafay’s DDM stuff.

And this is FEMC’s DDM searcher tool.

Seeing these kinds of tools reminds me of the fondness folks had/have for DDM, and makes me thankful that I’ve gotten back into it, even many years after the height of its popularity.mordenkainen card

D&D DDM 3.something Conversion:  I’m currently working on a DDM/D&D 3.x conversion.  This is where one would play the role-playing portion of D&D normally, but use a modified character creation system based on DDM.  There would be some additional rules around having some additional NPC’s to fill out your ‘warband/adventuring party’.  I’m pretty excited about it, as I always loved D&D (The role-playing side) but hated the combat.  I’m hoping this brings together the best of both worlds.   I’m going to buy the ‘Shackled City’ Paizo Adventure Path and try to convert that to the DDM style combat.  If anyone is interested in playing it when I get the first scenario up and running, please let me know. I have a group of 4 (including myself) already in our gaming group, but we could probably use 1-2 more.  We’ll be using Roll20 to run the game.



Sunday’s Updates – Trade List Updated, Bulk Purchase #2, Warbands for Contest Incoming, D&D 3.x to DDM 1.1 Conversion
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