I eat eBay scammer's brains!

I eat eBay scammer’s brains!

So I was about to jump on 2 ‘cases’ of Underdark that showed up on eBay today (01/15/15; the listing won’t be visible after 90 days probably, so I’ll tell you what it says)…they had a price that was reasonable to me, $214 or so shipped.  However, here is the fine print:

This item is not sealed case

All Booster Packs are randomly selected and factory-sealed

Did you catch it?  ‘This item is not sealed case’.  Underdark as a set has always been prone to this. This means that the likelihood of you pulling a Balor from these ’12 random boosters’ approaches zero.  This person has probably cracked open 25 Underdark cases and opened the boosters that were heaviest.  There really is no other reason to not offer sealed cases.

Caveat emptor, my friends!balor stat card

A Followup to the Post About Collectibles and Scamming

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