Legolas this, Legolas that, gads I hate Legolas.

Legolas this, Legolas that, gads I hate Legolas.

Half-Elf Bow Initiate:  I know this isn’t going to be easy to hear guys, but we’ve only got one chance to win…everyone get in front of me and hold them off, I’ll just keep shooting!

Orc Sergeant:  Shut your pie hole, stupid elf.  I warband commander, I make plan.

Ogre Zombie:  Raaaaaaarrrrrghhhhh!

Half-elf Bow Iniatiate:  Thanks old friend, I knew at least you would understand.

Orc Sergeant:  Ugg, elf voice make ears bleed.  You shut up stupid zombie.

Bladebearer Hobgoblin:  Is it time to kill something?  Talking make me bored.

Orc Sergeant:  Ok, heres plan.  We attack enemy.  Stupid elf shoots them from back there like sissy coward.  We win.

Half-Elf Bow Initiate:  Hmmm….something smells fishy.

Sahuagin Ranger:   Saaaaaaah!

So here are the two Aberrations boosters I opened for Warband 1:

Booster 1 Points Rarity Booster 2 Points Rarity
Ogre Zombie 29 R Half-Elf Bow Initiate 43 R
Orc Sergeant 24 U Cleric of St Cuthbert 29 U
Bladebearer Hobgoblin 21 U Destrachan 26 U
Sahuagin Ranger 15 U Ethereal Filcher 10 U
Silent Wolf Goblin 12 C Mountain Orc 12 C
Fiendish Dire Weasal 8 C Myconid Guard 9 C
Emerald Claw Soldier 6 C Elf Warrior 4 C
Hill Dwarf Warrior 4 C Mongrefolk 3 C

With a whopping total of 255 points, there aren’t many choices for how to build the warband.

I ended up with this:

Team Zombow (199 pts):
Half Elf Bow Initiate 43
Ogre Zombie 29
Destrachan 26
Orc Sergeant 24
Bladebearer Hobgoblin 21
Sahuagin Ranger 15
Mountain Orc 12
Silent Wolf Goblin 12
Myconid Guard 9
Fiendish Dire Weasal 8

With 10 activations guaranteed by the number of small creatures in the boosters, there’s only 2 real choices in warband building.  The first is Ethereal Filcher vs. Myconid Guard.  While the Filcher would be good at toning down a big critter, the Myconid seems it can do something similar if it hits.  A single missed turn by an enemy with multiple attacks is probably more value than the -5 damage the Filcher gives.  Plus, the Myconid Guard is one of those creatures that is auto-targeted and has to be eliminated first, just due to the worry he can cause an opponent (even if he isn’t likely to get his Pacification Spores off more than 50% of 1 time per game).

I almost added a couple of the small critters in the place of the Dire Weasel and called an ‘audible rule change’ and allowed team Zombow 11-12 activations, however I’m going to start out the year right and play by the rules.  Speaking of which, I haven’t actually played in many years, so if you see me doing something wrong, gently point it out.  Yes, I still need to do a quick read through of the rulebook to refresh.

The other choice is whether to include Cleric of St. Cuthbert…looking over his card again he seems a little stronger than I first thought.  His strength really shines though against a team with an undead or 2.  Since Zombow will be meeting up with either an Unhallowed or Night Below warband (yay, my 2 booster cases of those arrived today!), if they are matched against Unhallowed , I will put him in as Commander instead. (Probably -Orc Sergeant, -Dire Weasel, +Cleric of St. Cuthbert, +Hill Dwarf Warrior, and I think that would put it at exactly 200 points)half elf bow initiate card

The Orc Sergeant’s commander ability, while small, is relevant with 3 Goblinoids in the warband, including 2 with 2 melee attacks.  I actually used to play Destrachan regularly back when I first started the game and didn’t have many pieces.  He’s a solid body with decent defenses, HP and special abilities for his point cost.  Sadly, for 3 points less, he’s even more durable (+4AC, +5HP) than the rare Ogre Zombie, and faster (+2 movement).  The only benefit to the zombie is higher melee damage and his melee reach; though with 2 cone attacks the Destrachan is still just as relevant.

The other creatures are your average warband filler, though 15 damage from the Mountain Orc is certainly relevant.

Tomorrow I will build the opposing warband from either Unhallowed or Night Below, I’ll roll randomly to see which gets picked!

As always, thanks for reading about me Playing With Myself!


Sealed Warband 1: Zombow (Aberrations Boosters x 2, 200 points)

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