blood golem of hextorAnnouncer:  In the red corner, hailing from the orc caves of Bitefang, weighing in at 176 pounds, with a record of 0-16, Zombow!  In the blue corner, hailing from the Snowflake Mountain, weighing in at 565 pounds, with an undefeated record of 13-0-1, please welcome Sune’s Goons!

Half-Elf Bow Initiate:  Prepare to face the storm of my arrows!

Cleric of Sune:  Oh, Legolas, wouldn’t you rather make love than war?

Half-Elf Bow Iniatiate:  OMG, not you too!  I hate Legolas.  ‘Oh, Legolas can hit a prone kobold at 2300 feet.  Oh, Legolas can shoot an ogre in the throat while blindfolded…and handcuffed.’  Aaargh!

Pentifex Monolith:  Prepare to die, knaves, I will protect my snuggle-bunny to my very last breath!

Cleric of Sune:  Mmmm…oh, my, look at that six-pack on that mountain orc…hey, sweetie!  Yes, you with the halberd, get over here and show me that mighty axe!

Wow.  So let’s just say I feel a little sorry for Zombow after putting together the Unhallowed warband.  Where the Aberrations boosters had a combined 255 points worth of minis, Unhallowed weighed in at a whopping 445 points, giving us plenty of options for how to build the band.  While I could have tweaked the warband some to squeak out a touch more damage, I don’t think it will have any problems with Zombow.  First, here’s what I opened:

Booster 1 Points Rarity Booster 2 Points Rarity
Blood Golem of Hextor 52 R Pentifex Monolth 32 R
Air Mephit 13 U Cleric of Sune 34 U
Nessian Warhound 62 U Fire Mephit 13 U
Redspawn Arcaniss 44 U Stormrage Shamber 72 U
Bugbear Gang Leader 23 C Devotee of the Silver Flame 7 C
Dark Talon Champion 7 C Knight of the Chalice 25 C
Strahd Zombie 20 C Phalanx Solder 12 C
Wild Elf Warsinger 9 C Strahd Zombie 20 C

I think both rares are autopicks.  Blood Golem of Hextor is an absolute beast for only 52 points.  DR 5, AC 20, Melee Reach, a life drain effect, Spell Resistance.  Plus, Whirlwind attack vs. Zombow could just be brutal.   I had a Blood Golem in live sealed play one time and he was very difficult for folks to deal with.  Fountain of Blood might be a drawback, but the attack lines of Sune’s Goons are simply higher on average, and so will likely benefit more.  Pentifex Monolith even with his low base damage is still formidable at 32 points.  With his Crystal Helm Soulmeld (+3 ac) he will often have the highest AC on the table at 24.  When fighting Chaotic creatures, his damage goes from ‘meh’ to decent, and stacked with Cleric of Sune’s commander ability he does as much as I’d hope for from a mid-pointed creature (+13 – 25 Magic against Chaos).

Speaking of the vampy vixen Cleric of Sune, while not formidable on the combat front still brings a lot of hotness to the table.  More than anything, she has to be in the warband for her Special Ability Amazing Beauty, which I think is among the grooviest abilities in DDM.  (A humanoid that makes a melee attack against this creature must save or that attack automatically misses; DC 17)  It’s got a pretty good DC and against creatures level 6 or under is fairly equivalent to Incorporeal.  Her spell mix isn’t amazing, but Legion’s Magic Weapon can be important to bypass DR.  Castigate and Suggestion on top of Amazing Beauty make it pretty dicey to engage her, and I’ve seen her a couple of times in standard games where she is the last creature in the warband.

The warband I ended up with is:

Team Points
Blood Golem of Hextor 52
Cleric of Sune 34
Pentifex Monolith 32
Bugbear Gang Leader 23
Air Mephit 13
Fire Mephit 13
Phalanx Solder 12
Wild Elf Warsinger 9
Devotee of the Silver Flame 7

There are definitely some other ways to build this, much more so than with Zombow.  Specifically, Nessian Warhound and Redspawn Arcaniss are both viable options.  The Warhound would have to replace Hextor unless I really wanted to limit activations, but it would bring another tanky beast into the fight and provide a lot of frontline blocking for a caster.  And the Arcaniss would outdamage the Cleric of Sune in a big way though their stat lines are similar.blood golem of hextor card

The two mephits, while fragile, bring a lot of mobility to the team, plus they both have (likely 1 use) breath weapons and the ability to get to places to make the most of them.

Rounding out the team are just some dudes, though I love the Bugbear Gang Leader’s commander effect as well (Followers of level 6 or lower gain Death Strike).  That would be more relevant in a warband built around it, but he has 5 targets for it, while Hotgirl gets 4 targets for hers.

Prediction:  All in all, I would be satisfied with this band at a real sealed event.  I’ll call it 200-75 in favor of Sune’s Goons.  I haven’t got my maps yet, but as soon as I do we’ll see if our lovely cleric can find true love in the arms of an undead ogre who just wants to hug!

Sealed Warband 2: Sune’s Goons (Unhallowed Boosters x 2, 200 points)

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